we do music for video games


  • Video Games
  • Film/TV Scoring

We are a passionate team engaging with telling good stories through games and music.

Our goal is to get players deeply immersed in the game experience, this is why we put our musical composition experience at your service in order to achieve the purpose of your project.

Don't hesitate to contact us to talk about your ideas and what we can offer to help you make them part of your project

Step by step our growing team is going to offer music for more complex and ambitious projects such as TV and movies, stay close or contact us if you have questions.


Komai Project

Let your senses be taken to the tense and dark atmosphere of Komai. Checkout the complete OST playlist on Soundcloud or even better!, download the game and let yourself in to the full experience.

Dani's Adventures

If adventure and challenge music is what you are looking for “Dani’s Adventures” OST is what your project needs, inspired on  80’s videogames music and with autoctonous Argentinian instruments sounds elementary school has never been so fun!.


We mix new and old sounds to express ourselves, we feel it and we compose it, it’s a walk on the rain, a night without sleep or  the frustration for the 35 time trying to defeat that boss, every experience helps on the creative process. Don’t forget to visit the Mandreel youtube channel.

Demos & Covers

We take inspiration on everything that drops on our ears but 80’s and 90’s culture is a big part of our video games identity.